• OXYTRANS – O2 Concentration Measurement

    OXYTRANS – O2 Concentration Measurement

    OXYTRANS measures continuously the exact content of O2 in liquids and gases. The sensor is designed for food and beverage industries and other high end process requirement applications, e.g. power plants or bioreactors. The optical principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen. Portable hand-held oxygen meters are an essential tool for product analysis in laboratories, fault finding by process maintenance technicians and for the inspection of water systems. They are robust and highly accurate.  
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  • COMBITEC – Density and Sound Velocity Measurement

    COMBITEC – Density and Sound Velocity Measurement

    Applicable for 3-component systems like alcohol/sugar or H2SO4/SO3, COMBITEC combines in one unit RHOTEC fluid density sensing and SONATEC sound velocity measurement.
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  • SONATEC – Sound Velocity Measurement

        SONATEC sensors determine the speed of sound through a liquid. Based on this measurement, the concentration of media can be displayed. Like RHOTEC, also SONATEC is applied for process monitoring and controlling in various industries when two or more ingredients need to be measured very accurately. It is also used for interface detection between two liquids.
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  • CARBOTEC – CO2 Concentration Measurement

    CARBOTEC sensors are applied for measurement the dissolved CO2 content in liquids, e. g. in carbonated soft drinks and beer. The measurement is performed in-line by regular abrupt localized decompression. For determining the CO2content,a sample is isolated from the main stream. When the pressure is abruptly reduced, the resultant pressure will differ from that of a non-carbonated liquid according to the volume of dissolved CO2 in the sample.
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  • RHOTEC – Density Measurement

      RHOTEC is mounted on to a process line to continuously measure the density of a liquid. This data allows the concentration of a media such as sugar, alcohol, acid or caustic to be displayed. This sensor is ideally suited for quantitative process monitoring and controlling in beverage, brewing, diary, pharmaceutical, and related industries. It is especially useful where several ingredients need to be measured accurately such as for blending and mixing applications.
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