Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, the company Novasina has specialised in the accurate measuring of air and material humidity. The basis was the world’s first, self-developed electronic measuring sensor for humidity measurement. This technology is based on the resistive electrolytic measurement principle, which was further developed and optimised over decades. The applied measuring technology is one of the most demanding and accurate.

Modern materials allow a continuous optimisation and expansion of the area of application of this sensor system. Intensive research and development ensures us a decisive technological advantage. Novasina sensors and measuring devices are mainly used for detecting air and material humidity and suit almost exclusively in industrial applications as well as in research & development and quality laboratories.



Differential pressure

Novasina differential pressure measurement instruments are high accuracy devices for monitoring and control of differential pressures and air flows. The devices are used for room and filter monitoring. Typical applications are clean rooms, mini environments, fan filter units, filter and fan V-belt monitoring in HVAC installations and many more.

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Humidity and Temperature

Since more than 50 years Novasina is developing and producing electronical air humidity and temperature measuring systems for montoring and controlling the climate in industrial processes.

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Water Activity

Since more than 50 years NOVASINA is specialised in producing measurement instruments running the self-developed electrolytic measuring cell for accurate measurings of the relative equilibrium humidity of materials respectively the water activity (aw-value).

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