Since more than 50 years Novasina is developing and producing electronical air humidity and temperature measuring systems for montoring and controlling the climate in industrial processes.

Our devices are used predominantly for measurements in air and other gaseous media. The wide product range goes from intelligent transmitter systems to data loggers and handhelds for service.


  • TempMaxx


    TempMaxx Temperature transducer for various probes for industrial applications and measurement in gases, liquids or solids up to +400°C.
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  • HygroMaxx S/R

    HygroMaxx S/R

    Transmitter system HygroMaxx R/S/M

    New digital precision humidity and temperature transmitter for the use in climatic control systems. The HygroMaxx S/R measurement system impresses with its big LC display, the robust design and the simple and intiutive menu navigation. The new capacitive humidity sensor affords a high precision humidity measurement technology, which allows to control exactly and efficiently the climate parameters in different industrial processes.
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  • HygroMate


    Portable measurement instrument HygroMate

    Battery powered precision measurement device for flexible on site measurements of air humidity and temperature insinde rooms, air ducts etc.. The measurement principle is based on the capacitive humidity detection. The HygroMate impresses with its ergonomic design, its easy handling with the thumb wheel, its clear backlighted display and its versatile functions.
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  • HygroGuard / ClimaLog / DataLog 30

    HygroGuard / ClimaLog / DataLog 30

    Novasina data logger systems

    The new Novasina relative humidity, temperature and absolute pressure data loggers for various applications in the air environment excel with versatility, simplicity and data storage capacity. All data loggers are battery powered.
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  • HygroDat 100

    HygroDat 100

    Transmitter System HygroDat 100

    High precision transmitter system for demanding applications where accurate, stable and reliable measurements and control of climate parameters are required. The modern sensor unit is based on the resistive-electrolytic or as alternative on the capacitive humidity measurement.
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  • Stable Micro Systems
  • Rudolph Research Analytical
  • Novasina
  • 3NH Colorimeter
  • Triowin