AUTOPOL IV, Laboratory Polarimeter, for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Labs

The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available in one, two and six wavelength versions. The AUTOPOL IV’s features include: readout in Specific Rotation, Optical Rotation, and concentration, customer defined and labeled programs for push button readout, large LCD display and touchscreen user interface, temperature display and correction, push button wavelength selection, statistics, RS 232 and parallel printer ports.



No matter which Autopol automatic polarimeter you choose, Rudolph uses the same high quality optics. While other manufacturers use Polaroid Plastic Dichroic Sheet Polarizers, Rudolph does not. Instead, Rudolph uses the same high quality Glan Thompson Calcite Polarizers in all its models.


Polarimeter Calibration and Validation

Rudolph understands that today’s cGLP/cGMP laboratories must validate measurement and temperature. Therefore Rudolph offers 6 different NIST Traceable Quartz Calibration Standards that can be matched to your application. The Autopol IV also comes with a Temperature Validation Cell so that your temperature measurement can be traced to NIST. See Technical Bulletin 913 for more information.



Laboratory Polarimeter Cells up to 200mm Long


Instruments of some manufacturers accept only special sample cells, with maximum lengths of 100mm. Autopols accept standard sample cells up to 200mm long. A 200mm sample cell offers twice the sensitivity as the same solution in a 100mm cell. This is especially useful for solutions having small rotations. Also some pharmacopeia monographs require a 200mm (2dm) cell like the USP monograph for Methotrexate. Rudolph Research Laboratory Polarimeter sample cells are made to NIST standards; and the complete range of sizes and types are listed in Technical Bulletin 913. NIST certificates are available for cell length validation.

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