AUTOPOL V, Automatic Polarimeter For Demanding Laboratories

The AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter is designed for today’s FDA regulated analytical laboratories. Whether you are a Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical or University Lab, the AUTOPOL V has the standard measurement and compliance features you must have, including:

  • TempTrol™ – Electronic cooling and heating from 15°-30°C
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliance: Electronic signature and secure local data storage
  • Six Standard Wavelengths: 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm
  • Standard Accessories: TempTrol™ NIST Traceable Quartz Standard, TempTrol™ 100mm Polarimeter Cell, TempTrol™ Temperature Validation Cell and Built-In Sample Measurement Probe.
  • 3-year domestic warranty and 20-year support guarantee



Autopol V Polarimeter Standard accessories include:

  • TempTrol™ NIST Traceable Quartz Standard
  • TempTrol™ 100mm Polarimeter Cell
  • TempTrol™ Temperature Validation Cell
  • Built-In Sample Measurement Probe
  • 1 Front Facing USB and 2 Rear Facing USB – Allows quick and easy connection to a mouse, keyboard, printer, bar code scanner, or memory stick.
  • Serial Port
  • Ethernet Port

The AUTOPOL V also accepts all Rudolph Standard Cells and Quartz Plates.


The AUTOPOL® V Automatic Polarimeter Offers Acid Resistance and Traceable Quartz Plates.

  • 6m HCl acid resistance: Silco Steel coating on the polarimeter chamber temperature transfer surface and a Hastelloy measurement cell with NIST certificate certifying optical path length.
  • To meet the FDA’s latest position on measurement bracketing, the Autopol® V Plus comes with a NIST traceable quartz plate with three rotations: +0.998° Arc, +10.998° Arc, -10.000° Arc. Each rotation has a NIST certificate.


Laboratory Network and Printer Communications Simplified

  • Ethernet Port for Network Cable Connection
  • Internet access allowing connection to Rudolph’s service department for remote testing and diagnostics
  • Connect to any Windows® based printer via USB or direct to the server via Windows® Print Library
  • Save measurement data direct to your Network/Server/USB Drive


Standard Accessories, Validation and Calibration

The AUTOPOL V Polarimeter comes standard with the accessories, validation tools and automatic calibration functions necessary to ensure that the temperature control, temperature measurement and optical measurement processes are working correctly and reproducibly. All functions are accessed simply and conveniently through the AUTOPOL V liquid sealed touchscreen.

QC Plate1


Polarimeter Sample Chamber and Cell – Acid Resistance

The AUTOPOL V polarimeter is available with Rudolph’s Hastelloy™ upgrade option. This option includes a Hastelloy™ cell and Silco Steel™ cell chamber for increased resistance to acids like 6 Molar HCl.

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