Refractometer, Rudolph’s J457 with Smart Measure™ Technology Improves Results!

All 3 models of the J457 Electronic, Digital, Refractometers come with Smart Measure™ Technology that virtually insures accurate Refractive Index (RI) and BRIX, measurements by automatically detecting when the prism is improperly cleaned, insufficient sample is loaded, or if the instrument is improperly calibrated. Various configurations are available for a small footprint, wall mount, or a remote-read factory configuration. All models come with a digital touch screen, and our Dual Temperature Control System utilizing Peltier Technology.


Refractometer Video, see the Automatic Rudolph Research J457 in action!

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The J457 Refractometer, Simple to Operate Without Sacrificing Accuracy or Capabilities.

The Rudolph J457 can be configured with a Load and Go Measurement feature for your routine measurements tasks. Take a look to see how easily routine measurements can be made in the following video.


Smart Measure™ Features – J457 Electronic Refractometers (all models)

  • Dirty prism detection
  • Incorrect calibration detection
  • Insufficient sample load detection
  • Cross contamination detection
  • Improper water zero detection
  • Trapped air bubble on prism surface detection



J457-FC Automatic Refractometer in Factory Configuration

J457-FC Refractometer in Factory Configuration is recommended when there is a lot of sample spillage on the laboratory’s instrumentation. Factories working with sticky resins and syrups that end up being spilled on the instrumentation are great candidates for the J457-FC as the measurement unit can be as much as six feet away from the display unit.


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