Automatic Refractometer J57WR - Wide Measurement Range for the Chemical Industry.

The Rudolph J57WR Automatic Digital Refractometer (Refraktometer) was designed to meet the unique needs of industrial environments in the chemical industry where the refractometer is viewed as a Quality Control (QC) tool rather than a laboratory instrument. A single flat measurement surface, automatic electronic temperature control and one button measurement capability make it perfect for heavy use applications where fast, automatic, and accurate readings are required.


Automatic One-Touch Measuring System

The Rudolph J57WR features a fully automatic measuring system. The operator simply places the sample on the prism, presses a button and the digital results are displayed on a 7.5cm x 10cm back lit digital, LCD screen. There are no shadow lines to match and there is no eyepiece requiring operator determination or manual adjustment.


Automatic Electronic Temperature Control

Refractive Index (BRIX) readings are very sensitive to temperature. When measuring sucrose users have the option of correcting for temperature variation but that option does not work for most chemical companies. Users not measuring sucrose or users looking for better accuracy than provided by temperature correction had to spend the extra money for a circulating water bath and then clean and maintain it. The J57WR’s built in electronic temperature control system provides the best of both worlds, the absolute accuracy, regardless of sample type, of a temperature controlled instrument with the convenience of operating without a water bath.


Refractometer with a Wide Measuring Range

The J57WR was designed for chemical measurement, not food. This means a very wide measurement Refractive Index (RI) range from 1.26 – 1.70 is available thus enabling the instrument to measure materials like fluorocarbons and aromatic chemicals that are beyond the range of most refractometers.


Easy to Clean Measurement Surface

Regardless of the specified instrument accuracy the real world performance will always depend on how well the instrument is cleaned between samples. The Rudolph Research J57WR addresses this issue by providing a very flat easy to clean measurement surface with no corners or crevices that tend to trap samples in instruments designed for laboratory use.

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