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This is also known as the 'Ball Burst
Test' and identifies the strength
and distension of the grain.
The MT-LQplus exceeds the
requirements of the Standard as
the test is made without stopping
the test to measure grain crack.
Slot Tear Rig
The slot tear test or Baumann Tear
Test  measures the force to tear a
slotted sample apart at a constant
speed. While the Standard only
requires the maximum force to be
measured, average tear force, force
maxima and minima and work done
can also be measured automatically.
Stitch Line Rig
Used for measurement of the strength
of upper or lining material at the stitch
line of footwear originating from either
a single or multiple holes in the sample.
The Stitch Line Rig meets the
requirement of BS 5131.


Bagginess To measure the residual deformation of the test sample after cyclic biaxial strain.
Adhesive Peel Test To measure peel strength of adhesive joints where one or both substrates are flexible.
Tensile Test To measure tensile strength, elongation at specific load, elongation at break, modulus, load and elongation at grain crack.
The Texture Analyser Range

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taxtplus tahdplus taxt-express
Most popular
single column
Texture Analyser
for universal application
High capacity
twin column
Texture Analyser
Simple stand-alone
Texture Analyser
with limited capacity
and testing stroke
Capacity 50kg 750kg 10kg
Speed Range 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 10mm/s
Maximum Data Acquisition 500pps 500pps 400pps
Full Library Test Availability x x
Full Flexibility of
Test Programming
and Data Analysis
x x
Expandability x x
Ease of Use x
Portability x x
  • Stable Micro Systems
  • Rudolph Research Analytical
  • Novasina
  • 3NH Colorimeter
  • Triowin