Material Testing



 coefficient-of-sliding-friction-rig2  actuation-force-measurement  three-point-bend-test-plastic
Coefficient of Sliding 
Actuation Force
Three Point Bend Testing
 compression-test-packaging  peel-testing-packaging  tensile-testing-plastic
Compression Testing
of Packaging
Peel Testing
of Packaging
Tensile Testing
 tensile-testing-options  measurement-of-abrasion  pneumatic-tensile-testing
Tensile Testing Measurement of Abrasion Pneumatic Tensile Testing
The Texture Analyser Range

Compare Texture Analysers - take your choice of instrument

compare-plus compare-hd compare-express
taxtplus tahdplus taxt-express
Most popular
single column
Texture Analyser
for universal application
High capacity
twin column
Texture Analyser
Simple stand-alone
Texture Analyser
with limited capacity
and testing stroke
Capacity 50kg 750kg 10kg
Speed Range 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 10mm/s
Maximum Data Acquisition 500pps 500pps 400pps
Full Library Test Availability x x
Full Flexibility of
Test Programming
and Data Analysis
x x
Expandability x x
Ease of Use x
Portability x x
  • Stable Micro Systems
  • Rudolph Research Analytical
  • Novasina
  • 3NH Colorimeter
  • Triowin