o The “Standard” approach

o The Basis of Test Method Design

o Meat Products – Reformed Products: Sausage Shearing using Warner-Bratzler

o The “Standard”Warner Bratzler Blade

o The “European Standard”Warner-Bratzler blade

o Meat Products – Reformed Products: Canned Ham – Multiple Shearing

o Chicken Tenderness – Multiple Shearing

o Recent Shearing Variations to Meat Testing Methods & Analysis Techniques

o Meat Products – Paté & Pastes: Measuring Paté Firmness

Meat Products


o Volodkevich Biting

o TPA (Texture Profile Analysis)

o Tensile Testing

o Stress Relaxation Technique

o Meat Sample Preparation


Meat Testing



 warner-bratzler-blade  warner-bratzler-blade-v-slot  volodkevich-bite-jaws
Warner-Bratzler Blade
Used to assess the firmness/
toughness of e.g. sausages,
chicken breast.
Thin Warner-Bratzler Blade
with V slot
for meat testing according to
USDA standard.
Volodkevich Bite Jaws
Used for imitative tests by simulating
the action of the incisor tooth.
 multiple-puncture-probe-ham  mini-kramer-ottawa-cell  kramer-shear-cell-5-blade
Multiple Puncture Probe
Particularly suited for the
penetration of multiple particulates
or non-uniform products to create
an averaging effect.
Mini Kramer/Ottawa Cell
Particularly suited to reduce the
force of bulk shearing/compression
of multi particle products.
5-blade Kramer Shear Cell
Used to assess firmness (in bulk)
where meat pieces present
themselves in non-uniform shapes
and sizes or where meat has such
variable texture.
NEW: Meullenet-Owens
Razor Shear Blade*

A new method for rapid and accurate assessment of poultry tenderness.
*Community Registered Design
The Texture Analyser Range

Compare Texture Analysers - take your choice of instrument

compare-plus compare-hd compare-express
taxtplus tahdplus taxt-express
Most popular
single column
Texture Analyser
for universal application
High capacity
twin column
Texture Analyser
Simple stand-alone
Texture Analyser
with limited capacity
and testing stroke
Capacity 50kg 750kg 10kg
Speed Range 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 40mm/s 0.01 - 10mm/s
Maximum Data Acquisition 500pps 500pps 400pps
Full Library Test Availability x x
Full Flexibility of
Test Programming
and Data Analysis
x x
Expandability x x
Ease of Use x
Portability x x

Typical measurements include:

  • Firmness/Toughness - the primary textural characteristic of all meat products, fresh or processed.
  • Cutting Strength
  • Stiffness
  • Stress-relaxation
  • Tensile Strength
  • Stable Micro Systems
  • Rudolph Research Analytical
  • Novasina
  • 3NH Colorimeter
  • Triowin