Pascal-STS -STVS/Z

Differential pressure measurement instrument for monitoring/display with membrane sensor

Precision differential pressure instrument with membrane measurement technology for the control of low differential pressures and laminar air flows in clean rooms, laminar flow boxes and mini environments.

By the adjustable alarm relay the pressure conditions can be ideally monitored. An eventual instrument configuration can be performed using the PascalTool-Win (for Windows) software. The automatic Zero-Point calibration allows very accurate and stable measurement results as well as a versatile installation, independent from the instrument position.

This device does not require any configuration or compensation before startup.

Application areas:

Clean rooms in the pharmaceutical-, semiconductor industry, biotech, chemical industry etc.

  • Stable Micro Systems
  • Rudolph Research Analytical
  • Novasina
  • 3NH Colorimeter
  • Triowin