Refractometers, Automatic Density Meters, Autopol Polarimeters, Saccharimeters, and Accessories from Rudolph Research Analytical a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments. Rudolph Refractometers, Density Meters, Polarimeters, and Saccharimeters are used Globally by more than 5,000 customers in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, University, Petroleum, Sugar, Food, and Beverage Laboratories, in over 80 countries around the world.

Quality, Integrity, and Innovation with a Global Reach for over 50 years is reflected in all aspects of our business, including manufacturing, sales and service support. Rudolph Research has established itself as a premier analytical instrument manufacturer, well known for its quality, reliability and is NVLAP certified. Our Gobal Network of Business Partners allows us to serve Laboratory Customers anywhere they choose to do business.

Customers choose our Autopol line of Polarimeters, Saccharimeters and accessories, our J Series of Automatic Refractometers and our DDM 2900 Series of Density Meters for accuracy, reliability, durability, performance along with our commitment to superior technical and service support.




DDM 2910/2911 Densitymeter is fully automatic measuring density of samples, with high precision Peltier temperature control of sample

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Automatic Polarimeter Rudolph ( RRA ) is very simple of use, high accuracy. Just put the polarimeter cell into the measuring chamber, then press.

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Rudolph Automatic Refractometer J-series using Internal Reflection Refractometer on scratch proof artificial sapphire prisms that measure the reflected light and not the transmitted light, like the Abbe, so dark and viscous samples measure as easily as clear samples.

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The AUTOPOL® 589, 880, 880 Plus, and 880T Automatic Digital Saccharimeters provide 0.01°Z repeatability and accuracy, time proven measurement technology and the critical features necessary for today’s sugar analysis.

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