Polarimeter models from Rudolph Research for chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, essential oils, education, and university laboratories.

Automatic Polarimeter Rudolph ( RRA ) is very simple of use, high accuracy. Just put the polarimeter cell into the measuring chamber, then press. It will give you the result in statistical data and print with local printer.


  • AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL VI  Automatic Polarimeter For Analytical Laboratories

    The AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter was developed for the most demanding analytical laboratories. If your laboratory requires the highest accuracy and must meet the most stringent compliance standards, the Autopol VI has the measurement, temperature control, communications, and data tracking capabilities your application requires.
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  • AUTOPOL V PLUS Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL V PLUS Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL® V Plus Automatic Digital Polarimeter

    The AUTOPOL® V Plus Digital Polarimeter has the validation tools and features to satisfy today’s global pharmaceutical companies, including: instrument level 21CFR Part 11 compliance, NIST traceable calibration standards and a global list of installations. Rudolph Research has thousands of satisfied customers who praise the Autopol® V Plus’s quality, accuracy and reproducibility.
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  • AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL V, Automatic Polarimeter For Demanding Laboratories

    The AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter is designed for today’s FDA regulated analytical laboratories. Whether you are a Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical or University Lab, the AUTOPOL V has the standard measurement and compliance features you must have, including:
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  • AUTOPOL IV Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL IV Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL IV, Laboratory Polarimeter, for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Labs

    The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available in one, two and six wavelength versions. The AUTOPOL IV’s features include: readout in Specific Rotation, Optical Rotation, and concentration, customer defined and labeled programs for push button readout, large LCD display and touchscreen user interface, temperature display and correction, push button wavelength selection, statistics, RS 232 and parallel printer ports.
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  • AUTOPOL III Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL III Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL III Polarimeter

    The AUTOPOL III Polarimeter is Rudolph’s entry level Pharmaceutical and Research grade Automatic Digital Polarimeter. The Autopol III offers Dual Wavelengths and accuracy similar to Rudolph’s more advanced models, but with a simplified interface. Just place your cell in the sample chamber, press the Start Key and get 5 results in less than 25 seconds. It’s that easy.
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  • AUTOPOL II Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL II Automatic Polarimeter

    Automatic Polarimeter – AUTOPOL II

    The AUTOPOL II is designed as a general purpose automatic polarimeter for budget focused Contract Laboratories, Food Laboratories, and College Chemistry Laboratories. Great price yet packed with features and Quality! The Autopol II offers the same standard and optional features as the Autopol I but allows greater wavelength flexibility with 589nm and 546nm standard wavelengths and optional 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 578nm, and 633nm available.
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  • AUTOPOL I Automatic Polarimeter

    AUTOPOL I Automatic Polarimeter

    Automatic Polarimeter – AUTOPOL I

    The AUTOPOL I is Rudolph’s most economical automatic polarimeter designed for education and less demanding applications where the budget is critical, but quality is still important. The Rudolph Autopol I Automatic Polarimeter is designed for:
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