Polarimeter Sample Cells

Many Rudolph Polarimeter Cell designs offer significant advantages over traditional fused end glass cell designs as shown in Picture B. All glass, polarimeter cells are easily broken and often build up optically active residue on the inside of the glass ends. Also these cells do not have built in apertures so the light passing through the sample is easily affected by small air bubbles caught inside the cell as shown in Picture B. Rudolph does offer this style cell for those customers who prefer a fused glass end cell for use in their polarimeter or saccharimeter but doesn’t recommend them.




Rudolph Polarimeter Cells with built in apertures eliminate these problems because the stainless steel screw ends have apertures that are smaller than the internal diameter of the cell body to avoid the problem of the light being disturbed by small air bubbles along the surface of the cell. This design results in better optical rotation measurement stability (Figure 2).

As shown below, the screw caps have precision apertures which reduce the beam diameter to less than the internal diameter of the cell so that, when the cells are aligned with the beam, internal sidewall reflections and consequent depolarizing effects are minimized.


Easy Cleaning

Another advantage over fused end cells is that screw caps, washers, and end plates are easily removed for cleaning the glass ends, sample cell interiors, or for replacement of the washers and end glass. To reassemble the cell requires following the configuration of Figure 2 and then applying finger tight pressure to the screw caps. As the screw caps are turned, the washers are compressed against the end glass creating a leak proof seal with the precision ground cell ends. Minimal screw cap pressure and the compressibility of the washer ensures a tight seal without causing stress induced birefringence in the glass end plates.

Sample Cell Selection

Cells That Meet The Most Demanding Applications

With over 50 cells to choose from, Rudolph Research Analytical has a cell to meet every application.



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