Saccharimeters – 4 Models To Meet Your Application Requirements

The AUTOPOL® 589, 880, 880 Plus, and 880T Automatic Digital Saccharimeters provide 0.01°Z repeatability and accuracy, time proven measurement technology and the critical features necessary for today’s sugar analysis.


Saccharimeters with the features Sugar Chemists Demand

Rudolph Research Analytical knows that Sugar Technologists around the world demand 24 hour operation, 7 days a week. Regardless of the accuracy and budget demands, Rudolph Research has a solution. The reason we understand the sugar industry’s demands and requirements is because Rudolph has been serving the industry since 1940 quality instrumentation and providing superior technical and service support, both directly and through its worldwide dealer network. This dedication is demonstrated by Rudolph’s installed base of over 5,000 instruments worldwide,25 years of service.


  • Saccharimeter Autopol 589

    Saccharimeter Autopol 589

    The AUTOPOL 589 Series Automatic Digital Saccharimeter

    The 589 saccharimeter from Rudolph Research Analytical provides the same features, measuring speed and accuracy of the AUTOPOL 880 but at the single wavelength of 589 nm.
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  • Saccharimeter Autopol 880

    Saccharimeter Autopol 880

    The AUTOPOL 880 Series Automatic Saccharimeter

    Recommended for the sugar industry, the Autopol 880 saccharimeter is a dual wavelength microprocessor based saccharimeter capable of measuring at both 589 nm and 880 nm. The 880 nm ICUMSA Approved near infrared wavelength allows measurement of dark sugar factory juices, while the AUTOPOL Automatic Saccharimeter Purity Mode allows simultaneous measurement and display of PURITY, BRIX and POL.
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  • Autopol 880T & 880 PLUS

    Autopol 880T & 880 PLUS

    Automatic Saccharimeters, Rudolph Research, AUTOPOL 880T & 880 PLUS Series

    This is Rudolph’s latest and most advanced model. It was developed and tested in conjunction with labs testing pharmaceutical grade sugars. These labs require precise temperature control yet still want flow through cell type operation. For sugar trade labs and contract work that demands the best and most advanced saccharimeter in the world.
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