The D/R Dough Inflation System measures dough extensional rheology under conditions of strain similar to those of baking expansion. This is achieved by inflating a sheet of dough by volume displacement of air using a piston driven by a Stable Micro Systems TA.XTplus Texture Analyser. Pressure during inflation is measured by a pressure transducer and the volume of the inflating dough sheet is calculated from the displacement of the piston.

The D/R Dough Inflation System enables the rheological properties of both dough and gluten to be measured during biaxial stretching, which is the relevant deformation in the cell wall material surrounding an expanding gas bubble during proof and baking. The system together with dedicated software, combines ease of use with automatic data collection and rapid project based data analysis.

The procedure requires minimum handling of the dough when preparing samples - there is no contact of the sample when transferring to the D/R Dough Inflation System. This sophisticated system is a very comprehensive test tool for research, Q/C, production or process monitoring. The test, display of the result and calculation of index values are fully automatic.

D/R Dough Inflation System

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