Color Meter

3NH - Color Meter

High-End Brand of Domestic Colorimeter

NH310 is a mainstream brand colorimeter introduced by 3nh which has synthesized the advantages of ten more traditional imported colorimeters and has experienced ten thousand tests and applied many innovative technologies. Accurate, Stable, Exquisite, and Affordable!

The Preferred Solution for Color Quality Control Management

NH310 high-quality portable colorimeter has adopted multi-channel color sensors of international brands, a more stable IC platform as well as efficient and accurate algorithms to provide users with accurate and fast color management and application. NH310 is also designed with ergonomics and humanized operation and it has applied for several patents. NH310 is a multifunctional colorimeter with high quality and competitive price. 3nh insists on independent research whose technology innovation is unique in the color management field. NH310 is the most convenient colorimeter for users.

Product Features:

  1. Leading Humanity Design and Convenient Operation
    • Auto White and Black Calibration at Startup
    • Structure Design in line with Ergonomics
    • Easy-to-use Operation Interface
  1. Stable Measurement Performance
    • The average fluctuation of △E is less than 0.06, actually more in 0.03~0.06.
    • The portable structure design is more conducive to keeping the instrument stable when using.
  1. Flexible and Accurate Locating
    • Camera locating can solve the problem of locating a small area. The minimum width of locating is 4mm.
    • Illumination locating is a fast, simple, and convenient locating function that is the original function by 3nh.
  1. More Measurement Modes
    • Three measuring apertures for more circumstances.
    • Five color spaces for more color scheme selection.
    • Three light sources for more circumstances.
  1. PC Software—Realize More Function Expansion
    • 3nh has the intellectual property of PC software. The corresponding software serial number and password protection are configured in the 3nh colorimeter.
    • Able to perform color difference analysis, color difference cumulative analysis, chromaticity index, color sample database management, simulating object color, etc.
  1. Advanced Power Management Design
    • 3nh is the first enterprise using high capacity Li-ion battery in the colorimeter.
    • 3nh Li-ion battery can be repeatedly charged which will save cost. Meanwhile, it can measure more than 3000 times on one charge to ensure the stability of long-time measurement.

National Patent and Innovative Technology

  • Camera locating and illumination location (NH310 has new functions of double locating.)
  • Built-in white plate; Automatic calibration at startup (for NH310)
  • Extended aperture (optional), available for measuring concave surface
  • Configuring 8mm & 4mm apertures


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