Baking Quality Analysis

Calibre - Baking Quality Analysis

Used globally by the food industry, C-Cell provides objective data to aid in the quality control process of baked goods. Easily optimize ingredients/mixing processes, eliminate human error and assess internal structure/external characteristics. C-Cell is an AACCi approved method for the analysis of structure in baked goods – Method 10-18.01.

C-Cell Colour is the most adaptable model with many software options available to analyse a full range of bakery products.

C-Cell Colour takes 2 images of the sample at the same time to create shadow and lighting which gives a more in-depth range of results. In addition to the parameters analysed in C-Cell Mono, C-Cell Colour is able to analyse crust colour, crumb colour, inclusions, external features, and bread scoring. 

C-Cell Colour can do batch analysis to make the testing process quicker and statistically show consistency or differences in batches. The Colour system can be fully customisable for example setting your own benchmarks or having the software run in any language.


C-Cell Colour can do the measurements below:

  • Internal Structure including Cell Size, shape, and location
  • No of Cells
  • Net Cell Elongation
  • Non-uniformity
  • Cell Diameter
  • Number of Holes
  • Wall Thickness
  • External Features
  • L*a*b* Crumb Colour
  • Crust Profiling including L*a*b* colour and thickness
  • Internal Inclusions analysis
  • Bread Scoring Algorithms


Bakery Equipment Manufacturers
Cake & Biscuits
Flour Mills
Snack Food


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