WVTR Tester

Labthink - WVTR Tester

W3/330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

Professional, High Efficiency, and Intelligent WVTR Test System




This instrument is designed for the determination of the water vapor transmission rate of film and package specimens. It has three test modes and is applicable to various materials with high, medium, and low water vapor permeability. It is also embedded with a high precision electrochemical sensor, which provides a wide test range of 0.001~1000g/m2·24h and durable service life.

  • Wide range and high precision of temperature and humidity control to support various combinations of non-standard test conditions
  • Standard, proportional and continuous testing modes facilitate to minimize errors caused by a human factor during the testing process
  • Convenient fast-access calibration port for temperature and humidity
  • Reference film for accurate calibration

High Efficiency

W3/330 system is based on the electrolytic sensor method and utilizes Labthink’s latest exclusive patent design of three diffusion cells integrated in one instrument for individual or multiple tests, which improves test efficiency by 3 times. It can be easily connected with 9 satellite bases to accomplish up to 30 tests at the same time.

  • 3 diffusion cells integrated in one instrument with lower space occupancy rate and higher test efficiency
  • 3 distinct or equivalent specimens can be tested individually with independent test results at one operation
  • The system can be easily connected to a maximum of 10 instruments to accomplish up to 30 tests at the same time
  • Water vapor transmission rate and oxygen transmission rate can be obtained at one operation by working with Labthink’s oxygen transmission rate test system together under the control of one computer


The instrument adopts Labthink’s latest operating software with a user-friendly operating interface and intelligent data management. It also supports the LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System, which ensures uniform data management of test results and test reports.

  • Based on the user-friendly Windows operating interface for easy operation
  • Saves test data in different formats for convenient data transfer
  • Intelligent historical data searching, comparing, analyzing, and printing functions
  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform management of test results and test reports


The test specimen is mounted in the diffusion cell, which is subsequently divided into a dry chamber and a controlled-humidity chamber. The dry side of the specimen is swept by a flow of dry nitrogen, and the water vapor permeating through the specimen from the controlled-humidity chamber is carried by dry nitrogen to the electrolytic sensor where proportion electrical signals will be generated. The water vapor transmission rate is obtained by analyzing and calculating the electrical signals. For package samples, dry nitrogen flows inside the package, and moisturized nitrogen flows outside.


This test instrument conforms to the following standards:
ISO 15106-3, GB/T 21529, DIN 53122-2, YBB00092003


Food Test
Medical Devices
Paper and Composite Paper Materials


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