Humidity / Temperature

Novasina - Humidity / Temperature


Digital Humidity-Temperature sensor probe with adapter for integration in Modbus networks

Precision nSens-HT probe with nLink-Modbus extension. Simple integration in new or existing Modbus networks. The ideal solution if digital output signals are required.

Advantages & Benefits

Accurate, Robust, Suitable for High Humidity Applications, Easy Parameterization. The humidity measurement principle based on the electrolytic measurement allows accurate (+/-0,5% RH) and reproducible measurements across the whole measuring range up to 100% RH. The nLink-Modbus converts the sensor signal to a Modbus-RTU signal. In case of replacement only the probe is changed, the nLink-Modbus unit remains and therefore also the address is kept the same.


  • Fastest response within the measurement range from 0% to 100%RH
  • Drift-free measurement of relative humidity (>70%RH)
  • High precision measuring technology (+/-0,5% RH)
  • Calibration and identification data stored directly in the sensor
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Ideal for high humidity measurement or volatile components
  • Programmable Modbus adapter
  • The output of calculated climatic parameters
  • Programming software for the adapter
  • Calibration software for probe

Mobile, versatile, and reliable solution in pocket size with unique measurement technology

The climate is a versatile handheld device for the detection and storage of various parameters such as water activity, relative humidity, temperature, absolute pressure, and other calculated parameters.

The user gets a complete solution, which is based on the unique high precision Novasina sensing technology. State-of-the-art operation and display unit excel as big, colour LCD touch screen, easy and intuitive menu structure and data logging capability with up to 2 million data point storage. The ClimMate can be connected to a PC for data download, visualization, or export using the included SmartGraph II software. The device is powered by 4 pcs standard AA LR6 alkaline batteries or alternatively by a USB power supply unit.


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