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Automatic Density Meters from Rudolph is ideal for both research and production work across many industries. These include Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, Flavour & Fragrance, Sugar & Ethanol, and Beverage. Rudolph has gained great experience serving these markets for decades. Thus Rudolph has incorporated the features you need for both production and research applications.

How to select an Automatic Density Meter model for chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, cosmetics, essential oils, petrochemical, education, and university applications.

The Rudolph DDM2910 and DDM2911  offer a wide range of features. These include sample handling, sample loading, method management, measurement, and measurement fail-safe options. Rudolph Density Meters address each aspect of the density measurement process to ease and speed sample handling, manage measurement methods, and monitor the density meter’s testing environment. In addition, user-friendly features aid the operator with clear controls and a crisp digital display.

The Rudolph Advantage in Density Meters includes:

  1. Density Meters with On-board Flexible Method Management

Factory-installed density meter measurement methods allow for the immediate selection of the correct method to match the most common applications. For unique density measurement applications, create a sample method using an unlimited number of Concentration Tables, Formulas, and Polynomials to match the density measurement methods used in your laboratory. Setting up your custom method on your Density Meter is as simple as filling out a few screens.

  1. Density Meters from Rudolph Research offer a full view of the U-Tube for effective Bubble Detection

No more straining to see small difficult-to-detect air bubbles in your sample with live on-screen viewing of the entire U-Tube. On-screen bubble detection is made possible utilizing Rudolph’s exclusive camera that allows a 2X, 6X, and 10X magnified view of the entire U-Tube. No other instrument manufacturer offers this technology. Rudolph, helps the user avoid error causing air bubbles, a common cause of poor results.

  • Oscillating U-Tube with Viscosity Correction and Reference Oscillator (patent pending)

The Rudolph Research Density Meter’s oscillating U-tube with full range viscosity correction and reference oscillator (patent pending). This technology allows for long-term calibration stability and measurement at all temperatures with a single calibration.

  • cGMP/GLP Calibration
  • Calibrate the DDM2910 and DDM2911 with 2 or 3 Traceable Standards – calibrating with merely air and water appears inconsistent with cGMP/GLP compliance regulations. (see H&D Fitzgerald’s recommendations at )
  • Can print out complete method configuration, communication settings, as well as calibration verification, and calibration adjustment data/history.
  • Measured values can be shown continuously as temperature stability is being reached or, at the discretion of the user. Measured values will only be displayed once the final answer is reached and completely stable.
  • Unlimited number of customized calibration adjustments and calibration verifications are possible.
  • cGMP/GLP Printing

Sample measurement reports are quickly and easily edited. Just import templates from Word® or Excel® to the DDM2910 and DDM2911 Density Meter. You may then print your company’s customized Certificate of Analysis directly.

  • Traceable Calibration Standards

Rudolph knows how important it is to calibrate with Traceable Standards and therefore, we include either a NIST or UKAS standard in the accessories provided with both our DDM2910 and DDM2911 Density Meters.

  • Rudolph offers a wide range of sample handling option

The Rudolph DDM with AutoFill™ was developed by listening to customers who wanted an easier method of sample loading. Customers wanted to decant right from their existing containers. With AutoFill™, samples are easily poured right into the sample well. Users do not have to come in contact with the sample. Simply pour it in. The lid is closed and the sample is advanced to the U-Tube with the push of a button on the DDM touch screen. To clean, open the lid and pour in the solvent of your choice. Close the sample well lid again, press a button and the solvent is flushed through the U-Tube and air drying is automatically started.


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