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More than 10 Polarimeter models from Rudolph Research for chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, essential oils, education, and university laboratories

The polarimetric method is a simple and accurate means for the determination and investigation of structure in macro, semi-micro, and microanalysis of expensive and non-duplicable samples. Polarimetry is employed in quality control, process control, and research in the pharmaceutical, chemical, essential oil, flavor, and food industries. It is so well established that the United States Pharmacopoeia and the Food & Drug Administration include polarimetric specifications for numerous substances.

The AUTOPOL IV Automatic Polarimeter is available in one, two, and six wavelength versions and has a more expensive optical system than the Autopol III. It is the system of choice for research universities, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical research departments. This instrument is also excellent for studying recimics and kinetics. Temperature control is accomplished using the patented Rudolph TempTrol™ system. IQOQ documentation is included with the instrument.

  • Measures Optical RotationSpecific Rotation, Concentration, and User Defined Scales
  • Temptrol™ Electronic Heating and Cooling
  • 1, 2, and 6 wavelength models
  • Temperature Correction
  • Real-time clock
  • Print-out format control
  • Designed for use in Pharmaceutical, University, Essential Oil, and related industries.

The AUTOPOL® series is a microprocessor-based automatic polarimeter that is available in one, two, and six wavelength versions and with or without Temp. control. The AUTOPOL® Saccharimeters 589, 880, 880 PLUS, and 880T provide 0.01°Z repeatability and accuracy, time-proven measurement technology, and the critical features necessary for sugar analysis. Rudolph Research Analytical knows that Sugar Technologists around the world demand 24-hour operation, 7 days a week. Regardless of the accuracy and budget demands, Rudolph Research has a solution. The reason we understand the sugar industry’s demands and requirements are because Rudolph has been serving the industry since 1940. Throughout those 75 plus years of service, Rudolph has dedicated itself to manufacturing quality instrumentation and providing superior technical and service support, both directly and through its worldwide dealer’s network. This dedication is demonstrated by Rudolph’s installed base of over 8,000 instruments worldwide, with many of those instruments still in operation after 30 years of service.


Essential Oils
Sugar Milling, Refining, Processing


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