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Refractometer Models by Rudolph Research Analytical

Select a Refractometer for your demanding Laboratory application from the wide range of instruments available from Rudolph Research. All our instruments are designed to meet specific application requirements of specific industries and all are designed to exceed your requirements. We offer a range of models and numerous configurations and are pleased to advise you as you make a purchase decision for your laboratory.

Refractometers from Rudolph Research All Feature:

  • Easy to clean, shallow Sample well – A clean sample well is imperative to accurate measurements.
  • Durable Sapphire Prisms with Long-life Light sources – Low Life of instrument cost.
  • 3 Year Domestic Warranty, Up to 3 International Warranty
  • Sales and local service located near your lab anywhere in the world.
  • Decades of leading Analytical Instrument Design and Support.

High Durability Sapphire Prism

All Rudolph Research J-Series instruments offer a sapphire prism for high mechanical and chemical durability. The sample well is acid-resistant 316 stainless steel with a Techtron sealing ring. There is no lamp to change, the LED light source is guaranteed for 1,000,000 measurements.

Shallow Refractometer Sample Well – All Rudolph J-Series Models

Refractometer measurement accuracy is only as reliable as the cleanliness of the sample well. Hard-to-clean sample wells can lead to inaccuracies due to residual from a prior measurement. Rudolph Research set out to dramatically minimize this problem by taking a new approach to sample well design. The Rudolph sample well is very shallow and smooth allowing easier cleaning and less surface area for contaminants to hide. Less sample is required and the well cleans easily. The result is more accurate measurements due to significantly less opportunity for sample contamination.

Refractometer Models – 10 Models with dozens of application-specific options.

Rudolph understands your measurement applications and provides the needed instruments and configurations to meet your requirements. Application requirements may be dictated by regulatory agencies, quality control demands, or sample handling concerns. Refractometers may also be utilized in conjunction with other instruments for multiple measurements – load one sample to receive multiple measurement results. Sample delivery may also have automated with or without other instruments f

or a complete Laboratory Automation solution designed to increase efficiency in your laboratory.

  • Smart Measure™ Improves Results with Live Measurement and Sample Load Well Monitoring.
  • Dual Electronic Temperature Control – Range 10ºC – 110ºC or 10ºC – 120ºC (optional)
  • Accuracy: Refractive Index ±0.00002, BRIX ±0.01
  • Fully 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and On-Board Data Storage
  • Widest Measurement Range: Refractive Index 1.26 – 1.72, BRIX 0 – 100
  • Data Storage – 32GB non-removable Compact Flash – Or Fully Networkable




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