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World leaders in the measurement of texture and physical properties

Our approach…

Stable Micro Systems are totally dedicated to scientific texture analysis. Our range of Texture Analysers is internationally recognised as the “complete” instrument and your passport to the advancing world of texture analysis. Whether you require routine measurements or undertake fundamental research, Stable Micro Systems provide you with an unmatched array of precision accessories and the most comprehensive unrivalled texture analysis software package available to ensure the validity of your test results.

Built-in advice and learning material

At Stable Micro Systems, we don’t just make texture analysers; we strive to provide our users with continual information to enhance their instrument understanding and increase the background knowledge available to them. Through our continued co-operation with universities and research establishments involved in texture analysis, and our in-house applications laboratory and software department, we aim to provide the most up-to-date applications information and to offer you the most comprehensive range of attachments and analytical techniques available.

In-depth support, not available elsewhere

  • Software Downloads

Software Packages have updates available for download free of charge from our website within the Software Download section.

  • Software Troubleshooting

Often customers have a requirement to train new staff and, coupled with the fast advancement in computers and their operating systems, customers find the need to call us for technical advice. Our team of Software Development and Support engineers are available to troubleshoot software problems, provide registration codes and assist customers in the development of their required test sequences and analysis macros.

  • Testing Advice Service

We would like to help you get the most from your Texture Analyser by enabling direct contact to our in-house application laboratory from which useful testing advice can be given confidentially and free of charge. We are confident that our laboratory services demonstrate our commitment to the “complete system” philosophy.

  • Macro/Sequence Writing Service

If you would like us to help you write a macro or special sequence for your Texture Analyser our online form will enable you to supply us with your analysis requirements.

  • Worldwide Sales and Technical Support

Handpicked distributors specifically trained to meet your testing and analysis needs.


Texture Analyser

Stable Micro Systems’ range of instruments can measure and analyse fundamental, empirical, and imitative tests covering those relating to texture analysis, materials properties as well as effects of the rheology of solid, semi-solid, viscous liquid, powder, and granulate materials across a wide range of industries…

Volume, Density, and Dimensional Profiles Measurement

This non-contact measurement system offers considerable advantages over contact and displacement techniques which purely measure volume. The rapid 3-dimensional digitization of products enables the automatic calculation of several detailed dimension-related parameters the results of which…

Materials Testing

In laboratories around the world, scientists are finding new ways to manipulate matter at increasingly small scales, as well as drawing inspiration from biological materials. This revolution is giving us substances with properties that were once confined to the pages of science fiction books. But these materials are more than just scientific curiosities – they are genuinely useful

Powder Flow Analaysis

The Powder Flow Analyser is an accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow characteristics of powders. It can be rapidly fitted to a Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyser, enabling manufacturers to assess and avoid typical problems such as batch and source variation of ingredients, caking during storage/transportation…